Zonin 1821 | Dress Your Feelings.

Zonin 1821 | Dress Your Feelings

Zonin 1821, one of the biggest and most important Italian wine producer companies, in ‘Summer 2015 launches in the global market 3 new types of Prosecco.

The new concept of these 3 distinctve proseccos, is designed to communicate different messages to different moods and styles. Like a Dress Code, as confirmed by the slogan of the communication campaign: “Dress your feelings”

The briefing is support the whole launch of the communication campaign, focus on digital and off-line pr.

Watch here: dressyourfeelings.zoninprosecco.com

Project Details

  • Customer:
    Zonin1821 | Manager Giovanna Lazzari
  • Category:
    Benchmark, Events
  • Skills:
    Analytics, Engagement
  • Demo:
  • Date:
    19 6 2015
  • Tags:
    analytics, lancio campagna, nuovi mercati