Soave Faces.

Soave Faces

Here the initiative inspired by the latest trends that the Consorzio del Soave promotes to make themselves known and make known their own territory

During the five days of Vinitay, in collaboration with, will run throughout the show of the boys “brand ambassador” that will attract the attention of the participants by allowing them direct contact through an innovative advertising formula that exploits the special structure hd monitor spreading videos and images that refer to the Soave and the competition “Vote the more Soave face of Vinitaly”. Alongside these “ambassadors of Soave” there will be two testimonial with which to take souvenir photos of the event, by yourself or with friends. All the photos that will be taken will then be entered into the Facebook page section of the Consorzio del Soave and there, with a simple “like” all those who will want to rate your photos you feel more beautiful.

The initiative is part of the new cross-media approach that the Soave Consortium intended to follow for the Vinitaly 2011.

All internet users and supporters will have about one month to express their preference to vote for their pictures or that of his friend. The winning photos will be announced May 14 on the occasion of the Soave wine festival. Giving away prized bottles of Soave.


Press release n°11 /2011 del Consorzio per la tutela vini Soave e Recioto di Soave

Project Details

  • Customer:
    Consorzio di Tutela del Soave - dir. Aldo Lorenzoni
  • Category:
    Branding, Events
  • Skills:
    Engagement, Project Management
  • Demo:
  • Date:
    20 4 2011
  • Tags:
    engagement, gamification, vinitaly