MSD Italia and H Farm | Innovation Day.

MSD Italia and H Farm | Innovation Day

An innovative marathon that will involve senior developers and marketers, design and communication to develop digital tools and innovative solutions in the ‘healthcare industry’.

The initiative was born from the encounter of two global industry leaders in their respective references:

  • MSD Italy has alredy been recognized for two consecutive years as Best Digital healthcare Company. From information to education, through the Gaming and App – more than 25 – dedicated to doctors and patients: tools for the management of clinical practice and to facilitate the patient’s therapeutic adherence.
  • H-FARM Ventures, founded by Riccardo Donadon in 2005 with the aim of helping young entrepreneurs in launching innovative initiatives.


H-Campus, a business unit which joins the investment in startups and to that of Digital Transformation, the latter dedicated to accompany Italian and international companies on their path of development and innovation.

The goal is to search, via digital innovation, a support for both doctor either patient: firstly by improving patient’s awareness, especially chronic, adherence to therapy.

The Innovation Day project works will be followed in “real time” and the highlights will be collected #HealtHFarm.

«The Innovation Day – says Pierluigi Antonelli, President and CEO of MSD Italy – is an important opportunity for MSD Italia because it allows to further strengthen innovation as a fundamental pillar of our corporate identity».

Since 2013, MSD Italia has decided to allocate 30% of its investments in innovative projects based on multi-channels. “Our goal – continues Antonelli – is to generate greater awareness about the value of our qualified and distinctive range of channels, innovative technologies and services for the doctor, the patient and all the actors of the health care world.

I’m glad that one important reality as MSD Italia chose this place and especially H-campus to get closer to the digital world. – Declares Riccardo Donadon, founder of H-FARM Ventures – I am convinced that the Innovation Day for MSD Italia constitutes an important step towards the acquisition of knowledge that the future of their industry can not ignore the digital transformation.

Project Details

  • Customer:
    MSD Italia | AD Pierluigi Antonelli
  • Category:
    Presentation, Web Development
  • Skills:
    Project Management, Public Speaking, UX&UI
  • Date:
    7 5 2015
  • Tags:
    h-farm, innovation day, msd italia