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Howdy, my name is Marco.

I am a friendly guy, that deal with the development of digital transformation initiatives, from sketch to execution. I take care of relationships with customers by helping the team in order to respect the deadline.

This page will help you quickly understand certain aspects of my personality. To make it original and pleasant,
I took 5 key features, and I associated them with the common elements of my everyday life.


The Lego bricks are a faithful playmates since I was a child. They have been able to maintain interest through technology implementations as RCX and NXT, which act like enterprise software.

I find it amazing how they convert any detail of real world in a play, providing creative ideas useful in the workplace solutions.

This short video shows one of my early work I made, from construction to coding.

Are you passionate about bricks too?


Jealously guarded, this collection at the beginning was a teenagers experiences reminder. An lucid analysis however, shows the direction where technological progress is going: increase of connections and intensified relations..

IOT, M2M, bot ……….. There will be lot of fun 🙂

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Arduino, this open source small hardware.

The ability to take action on the activity of other objects, like switch on a light with the smartphone,a door equipped with a sensor to receive the signal or a plant that tweets when it needs water. The electronic principles are now a little funnier than the past

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ard home

That's why someone loves this game:Edit by @MarcoGiusti_IT

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This is the sport i love most.
I find attractive for these values:






disappointment Management



Watch the video I made


I love animals. Especially dogs. Fill you with joy, they always tear a smile and make you life better by teaching you a lot of things while not knowing how to speak.

Lila is special, sweet and affectionate she likes to be with people. Any opportunity on the free time I’probably stay with her, including running or simple bike rides through the vineyards of the Soave wine and Recioto hills

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